Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Interviewed by a 5 year old.

A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed my youngest niece, the Diva. Shortly thereafter, my oldest niece, the Princess, decided she wanted in on the action, so I decided it might be fun to turn the tables and have her interview me. This is the result:

P: Do you like horsies?
Me: Yes. I like horsies a lot. I rode one once.
P: Do you like some zebras?
Me: Um, are zebras horses?
P: No!
Me: No?
P: (Shakes head)
Me: Ok. Well. I have zebra print shoes on right now.
P: (Looks down.) Yes you do!
Me: Do you like my shoes?
P:Yes. When I press that big thing on my hannah montana game, her skirt turns into a zebra skirt.
Me: Wow! That's cool. But um, your supposed to be asking me questions.
P: We had a web cast.
Me: What?
P: We had a web cast. Uncle Brad is webcasting us today. Do you like moles?
Me: Moles? Like the mole on my face?
P: Yeah! Do you like it?
Me: Um...not really. Do you like it?
P: No.
Me: Thanks for your honesty
P: (Laughs) Do you want to make some pie?
Me: What kind of pie?
P: Blueberry?
Me: Do you even know what a blueberry is?
P: Yes.
Me: What?
P: Its blue and its like this little and it tastes like blueberry and its blue.
Me: Alright then.
P: Do you want to be a rockstar?
Me: Um, sure! What song should I sing?
P: "I wanna be a rockstar!"
Me: I'm not familiar with that particular tune! Could you sing it for me?
P: Why?
Me: Um, because I don't know it.
P: Uh. Lets sing your songs at church.
Me: Ok. Which one?
P: Guess.
Me: Ok. Um. How 'bout "Only True God"?
P: Yeah. "True God".
Me: Do you like interviewing.
P: Yes.
Me: Can I offer you a bit of helpful advice?
P: Um, yes.
Me: You need to prepare better...and ask better questions. Oh, and stop playing with my phone.
P: (Laughs.)
Me: Hey, guess what?
P: What? (smirking)
Me: I love you.
P: I love you too. (Smiles real big and runs off to do pirouettes.)

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