Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 2 - Complete in Him.

It's 7:10pm, Day 2 is drawing to a close...at least for me because I'm old and go to bed early.

The bible study/support program I mentioned yesterday also came with an eating plan and today was Liquids day. That means that with the exception of one small meal, I am only able to drink juices, milk or soups. I was nervous about this but today went great. ... suprisingly so. So eating, or lack thereof, turned out to pretty much be a non-event, and I am glad. Thank you, Lord!

What was not a non-even was the e-mail I received from my mentor this morning. In her message she quoted the following scripture:
and you are complete in Him...(Colossians 2:10 NKJV)


I'll tell you, I don't feel complete.

I go through my day and it seems everyone belongs to someone, or is connected more deeply to people, places and groups than I am. I look at my heart and see affections and motives and desires that just aren't there. I look at my life and feel major components are missing. My personality needs serious adjustments...

I'm a work in progress.

I'm by no means complete.

Yet, that is not what scripture says. Scripture tells me I am complete. It also tells me I am a sinner and that I will be pursuing righteousness my whole life. So, how then, am I complete?

The answer...one that is a big "DUH!" but so easily forgotten is found in the modifier at the end of the verse: IN HIM. We are complete in Him. He is the fullness of the Godhead, perfect righteousness, and as believers we are bound to Him...one with Him as He is with the Father. So whether we are fat or thin, married or single, barren or Fertile Myrtles, own a home or live in a trailer, live on food stamps or interest from our many investments or ever figure out how to solve that blasted Rubix cube...we are complete in Him. We have all we will ever need ... in Him. Our heart can know perfect rest...regardless...in Him. We can know what it is to be whole and healed...no matter what...in Him. The truth is, this completeness that seems unfathomable is possible...only in Him.

All other striving and any achieving will pale in comparison.

Every blessing from His hand is but a shadow compared to the glory of His nearness, to the perfect peace and purity of a heart yearning for and rejoicing in His will.

Oh may that heart be mine, Lord...for your glory! Amen!

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