Friday, April 28, 2006

Walking in the Dark

Feet accustomed to [walking] the road to God can find it in the dark... (Dr. Alexander Maclaren)

What a thought! What a comfort! Though all is darkness around me, I can find my way to long as I walk in the light while it is day...continually. My feet will be so trained to walking His road that, no matter how dark or how far I must travel, I will find my way to Him.


O Lord, may that be the habit of our lives. May we know faithfulness that allows us to walk directly to you, though we are blinded by darkness! Make our steps sure. Make our heart like a compass fixed on True North. May we know, too, that as we travel along your road in the darkness, that you are also gently pulling the tether you placed on our hearts...guiding us, keeping us from falling, and also making firm the ground beneath our feet!

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