Thursday, September 22, 2005

Katrina Update 12: Alone in the "Big House"

Last night, I was left alone for the first time in over 3 weeks. My Nanny and her husband when to their camp (the one we occupied for 2 weeks) and left me alone in the "Big House" as they call it. He manages a sugar cane plantation and one of his perks is that they get to live rent free on the the plantation home. It is huge, but not overly so. It has 8 bedrooms, 15' ceilings and most of the rooms have their own bathroom. Some of it has been modernized, and some of that is not very tastefully done, in my opinion. But nevertheless, it is the nicest home I've ever been in and for a few minutes I felt like Queen for a Day being left to "make myself at home" alone.

The Foyer

The Livingroom

My room
My new hair

I said, I felt like Queen for a Day for a few minutes. I have to confess, as I went through the house, locking the doors and turning off lights I did feel a little scared. This house is a bit isolated and it is very dark at night. Being from the city, there is always the thought that someone scary is lurking in the dark, waiting to pounce. Hearing a story about a co-worker being acosted at a hotel earlier in the day didn't help things, I'm sure.

I prayed myself to sleep, but seems to sleep less restfully. Normally, my covers are pretty neat in the morning and I just have to flip them back to make the bed. This morning, they were all crooked and twisted. least I don't feel tired.

I am hoping to head home tonight and sleep in my bed for the first time in over 3 weeks. Not sure how Rita is going to effect those plans. This morning's forcast shows a considerable curve to the north, which puts it much closer to us. The engineers at the office say that a 6" rainfall could produce similar flooding as Katrina, which wouldn't be good. But, in God's economy it would be has to be good.

Sunday, my pastor said something like this "We can't hope for things to go back to the way they were. If things were good they way they were, Katrina would never have happened." I am praying that I can keep that set in my mind...change is required.

Lord make me willing and help me rejoice no matter what that looks like for me.


  1. Wow! That home is beautiful! I would be scared at night, too! (But, I'm a big weenie.) ;)

    BTW, I love your hair - it looks great!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous home! Fancy-shmancy!

    Love your it long, too. Either way is pretty...just leave it blond. ;-)

    We are home for parents are here with us. Hope everything turns out well for you and you can return home soon.

    Miss ya!