Friday, July 31, 2009

Me & P-Dub = BFF4L

About a year or so ago, a friend introduced me to The Pioneer Woman...and my life has never been the same. Since meeting The Pioneer Woman, or P-Dub as she is often called (though her real name is Ree. I've never known anyone named Ree. I might name my first born Ree. Or maybe, I'll name her Rhiannon, because I've always loved Stevie Nicks and Ree would be a cute nick name. What was I talking about, again?)

Um, so friend recommended Ree's blog to me and my life has never been the same. I said that already, but...its my blog and I can repeat things if I wanna.

Moving on.

Since I started reading her blog, I've discovered a desperate need in me to make cinnamon rolls and chocolate sheet cake from scratch; collect whimsical china place settings; eat new and strange foods like bacon jalepeno thingys, something called migas, and pots de creme; to own every lens Canon has to offer; and to move to the boonies and get a bassett hound. Her blog'll do that to ya! And, you'll probably gain some weight.

Despite these desires that are alltogether new to me, P-Dub and I do share many common interests and character traits. I mean, its like we are the same person, she and I. She loves to cook. So do I! She loves photography. So do I! She has red hair. I sometimes dye my hair red. She is tall. I am I stand on my tippie toes. She's a homeschool mom of 4 married to a rugged cattle rancher. I want to be a homeschool mom married to a rugged rancher...or carpenter...or plumber...or English teacher. Uncanny, huh?

I know!!

I generally check out P-Dub's blog on my breaks at work and in the evenings when I'm home...every 15 minutes or so. She likes to spring these give-a-ways on me. Kitchenaid Mixer give-a-ways! Need I say more?

Anyhow, it would seem that my frequent visits to her highly-addictive, and Kitchenaid dangling, blog has had an effect on me besides the urges for china and bassett hounds. Two nights ago, I dreamt about The Pioneer Woman. I dreamt I was at her house visiting. At the first, or the first of what I can remember, we were sitting down for lunch. Obviously, if I visit the creator of The Pioneer Woman Cooks, we are going to eat, right? So we did. But instead of the elaborate and amazing meal she serves all of her other visitors, and chronicles for us on her blog, I was handed a plate and directed to grab handfuls of fresh, raw veggies off the counter. did. As we were sitting down at the table, one of my carrots fell on the floor. I picked it up and I ate it. P-Dub germs are like sugar on a strawberry to me! So we ate our lunch together, chatting and giggling like friends from way back, when her sister-in-law, Missy came strolling in. In my dream, the character of Missy was played by Naomi Watts. Missy (Naomi) had a bag of tortillas with her. She walked over to the counter without stopping her stride and scraped a tortilla against a halved avocado and continued on her way. Ree offered to make guac, but Missy (Naomi) gave her a polite "No thanks. I'm good." and walked out of the dream and my life forever.

At some point during lunch but before the next "scene", her baby boy took a liking to me. So, from this point forward you can just picture him on my lap or on my hip or on top of my head.

After lunch, my small group from church showed up. We decided to have our small group meeting at Ree's house. I have to confess, I was very rude to my friends. They kept trying to come and chat with me, but Ree and I were a huddled, giggling, impenetrable social stonewall. That is, until there was a rucckus outside. Sirens and screeching tires and barking bassett hounds commanded everyone's attention. So we all ran outside and the cops told us there was some drug activing going on in town and they needed me to ride along and help catch the perps. Of course, having extensive criminal background in the form of one criminology class in college and copious hours of crime TV watchin' and book readin', I felt up to the challenge and obliged to help.

Once in town, I boldly hopped into the perp's car, subdued them and carefully placed the evidence in an evidence bag.

Then I woke up.

If I'd known I wouldn't make it back to P-Dub's house, I would have at least hugged her goodbye...and given her baby a big kiss right on the top of his blonde head.



  1. Ok. That was funny. I'm like, totally BFFs with Ree too! I've also been checking her blog every 15 minutes for a year, since last August. I have never done the sheet cake or cin. rolls, but the bacon jalepenos and the ranch style chicken will change your life. Things I have in common with Ree: I'm a homeschool mom of four, and we want to make everyone happy. That's about it. But she's taught me so much!

  2. Trish,
    I just saw this today. I wasn't ignoring you, I promise! I'm so happy to "meet" another person who checks Ree's site every 15 minutes!! We should start a club. :)