Thursday, August 24, 2006

Because He has gone up before...

The Breaker is come up before them. (Micah 2:13)

Because Jesus has gone up before us, things are much different than they would have been...Your fight [is now] with a vanquished foe. (Spurgeon)

What an amazing word for us this morning! Because the Lord goes before us, things are much different than they would have been! What a thought! How many things have been undone are never were simply because He went before us, chose us, redeemed us, saved us? How many plans meant for evil have been worked for good because He called us His own? How many hardships have we not known because He called us by name out of the pit we were in and into fellowship with Him? How many blessings have come into our lives and our family's lives because of His faithfulness to us and our "house"? How many more await us between now and eternity? No matter...because however many or few, no matter where we are called to stand or how we are called to fight (or how many battles are fought solely in the heavenlies) the foe is already vanquished! No weapons formed against us shall prosper - not because of good we have done but because of the Son and His righteousness.
Thank you, Lord that you came into each of our lives...that you rearranged everything...that you have and will continue to make things much different than they would have been had we never met you. Continue, Lord, to "mess up" our plans, break our habits, and destroy our idols. Continue to show us that you know the way we take...that you go before...and that when we have been tested we will come forth as gold. For your glory and your name's sake...amen!

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  1. I'm sorry it's been a while since I've checked in. School has kept me pretty busy! :) Eric has totally been planning what he will show you next time you come over! LOL He's so happy someone else appreciates his humor! We'll have to get together again soon.